my final message to the world

i want all of you to know that it was nobody's fault. it was a conclusion i came to on my own. i am finally at peace. to me, suicide is a blissful sleep that lasts for an eternity. just thinking about the word itself would calm me when i was upset; it always a felt like a conforting hug to my distressed mind. she would always come when i needed her and embraced me with the choice of taking my own life. her promises of a place with no worries or problems were too enticing for me, so i gave in. all i need to do was hold her beautiful hands and let go. my final moments of consiousness were tranquil and i was finally happy. i am happy now. happiness is a fleeting state that is caused by things you love, but when those things are gone or they leave, you begin to search again. i don't have to search for anything anymore.