pro-choice on suicide

"Personally, I came to a pro-choice conclusion after realising the horrific amount of suffering there is in the world. (illness, poverty, crime, addiction, the brutality of nature, the potential for wickedness in humans, the fact you can be wrong your entire life and never know it), and this barely begins to scratch the surface of it. Appreciating this, I find it impossible to maintain that one is obliged to stay here even if they feel like they can no longer. For what reason? There is no supreme good that seems to negate this ocean of horror.

I don't believe in "living for others", or an afterlife where one is judged based on their acts in this life, so I personally find these weak counterarguments. Above all else, I believe that life should be a pleasant experience that is 'good enough'. And who can say what constitutes 'good enough'? Only the one in the seat of experience."

the sample of text above is the most beautiful explanation of being pro-choice i could find.